The company we chose to work with and network with concerns the world of the Travel sector and we were immediately fascinated by the possibility of working wherever we wanted and even spending very little.

We have a platform where we can build your ideal holiday from A to Z with discounts, cashback and much more.

In addition, there is also the possibility of winning prizes and obtaining an extra salary or the possibility of reaching a passive income that can allow us to live without necessarily having to earn based on the hours worked but thanks to the value of our shares.

We liked the fact that we didn't have to sell anything, but to share only a service that is the best and the possibility of helping many people to save money or achieve their desires.

The company in question was born in 2013 but it has only started to operate in Italy since 2018 and with great success even if we are not yet many to know it or work with it, and that is why it is an opportunity to be considered with the fact that it is still a fresh market and ready to proliferate.

So far it has 4 registered offices: A ad Hong Kong, in the United States, in France and London but have already announced that they are opening another office right here in Italy.

It is also part of the ETOA or: The European association of tour operators that certifies everything and makes us legal for 100%.


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